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Struggling to get the sales you want?

If you ever find yourself feeling discouraged or frustrated with the results from your sales funnel, launch, or website, you may just be missing a few strategic elements that often are all that stand in the way between you and the results you desire.

Unlock the code in this comprehensive guided program that seamlessly combines core video lessons, informative live group coaching, and a supportive community environment.

Transform Your Funnels, Business, & Website to Engage Your Audience & Increase Sales!


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Creating a successful online business is a little bit of an art and a lot of science, strategy, and trial-and-error.  Many industry leaders will tell you that getting to six and seven figures a year didn't happen with their first launch.

Often, you will create... launch... analyze... tweak... adjust... then create more and start the cycle over again.

And while you are working through these steps, it often helps to get a second opinion on your current strategies, receive feedback, brainstorm, and get professional insights that could save you time and money in the long run.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rebecca Austin can support you as you grow your business with her professional and creative eye and unique ability to help you get clarity on every aspect of your business.

Website/Funnel Review

Launch with confidence!  We go through your website or funnel with a strategic eye, then offer insights on not only the mechanics, but also suggestions on ways you can improve your conversions.


Includes Full Report + One Recorded Live Zoom Strategy Session

Kajabi Coaching

Save time and get your website or funnel built right!  Work with one of our Kajabi specialists who can take away the overwhelm and frustration associated with setting up your perfect Kajabi processes.

Various Packages Available (starting at $500)

One-Hour Recorded
Live Zoom Coaching Sessions

Strategy Coaching

Launch faster. Get better results.
Eliminate the confusion and overwhelm. Tap into Rebecca's expertise to save you time and money.

Various Packages Available (starting at $800)

One-Hour Recorded Live Zoom
Strategy Sessions + Bonus Resources

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"Attract & Convert" Workshop Replay

 Discover the secrets to building your list



($2400 Value!)


Whether you're first getting started or a seasoned online business owner,
you've heard about the importance of Lead Magnets.

You most likely already have one...or more!

But, Lead Magnets, should do more than just offer something for free.

Effective Lead Magnets should DRIVE SALES!

Gain instant access to the replay of a former live workshop that takes you deep into core strategies
for creating effective lead magnets.  Turn your lead magnets into your best sales-generating tools. 


Let us do it for you to save time & money!


In addition to Consulting and Coaching, Rebecca also offers premium and professional Done-For-You Services on your Kajabi!  

Whether you just need someone on call to make minor adjustments here and there as needed, help you with a specific project so you can get launched, or a complete website/product/pipeline build, Rebecca and her team can help!  Then, once everything is built, let us help you with your Marketing Campaigns!

Focus on what YOU are GOOD AT and the CONTENT of your Kajabi and let Rebecca take care of the rest!

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your project and let Rebecca create a Customized Project Scope/Project Estimate.

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Our Preferred Platform: 

Kajabi is an amazing all-in-one platform, yet no software can be perfect for everyone.  For this reason, you may want to use one or more of the tools below to accomplish what you want with YOUR online business.

Note that the link below is an affiliate link and we may receive a small compensation if you choose to use it.

Click Here to Get Kajabi

Another Great Option:  Course Creator 360

We used Kajabi exclusively for over a decade and recently also love and use Course Creator 360.  For contact management and automation, it's the best we've found.  We currently use BOTH Kajabi and CC 360 for our business.

Note that the link below is an affiliate link and we may receive a small compensation if you choose to use it.

Click Here to Get CC 360

Top Resources that Complement:

*Note that several of the below recommendations are affiliate partners from which we may receive a small compensation

Descript is my absolute new favorite video editing software! Unlike any other editing tool we have found, Descript has powerful AI tools that make it so much easier to create professional videos. Quickly remove all "filler words", fix sound quality, and edit incorrect words with voice programming... all just with the click of your mouse! Plus, get instant transcripts for multiple uses! All for one low monthly investment!



I'm not usually a big fan of templates because most designers and programmers are not strategists or marketers. Penny has some amazing Kajabi templates, however, that changed my mind...especially for creating stunning products that support an amazing customer experience. We use her templates on most of our products and many of our clients rave about how her templates have really spruced up what Kajabi can do on their programs as well.


Want to add some gamification to your program? Bastian at Jiffy Courses has the best Kajabi Product theme options available! We use the Gamiflix theme for our Conversion Code program and love the ease of use and how amazing it turned out!


Although Kajabi has great forms and assessments, sometimes you want something that offers a little more customization or detail, especially if the data you are collecting needs to be HIPPA compliant. Jotform also has a fantastic custom app solution that is pretty slick.


Elfsight is one of my favorites for easily creating some custom solutions you can add to your website including pop-up windows, special promotions, chat windows, and cookie disclaimers. Just create in Elfsight, then drop the code into Kajabi.


Using other tools, also means there needs to be a way to connect them together so that when something happens in one... you can trigger something happening in another.  To do this, you need Zapier.  Zapier streamlines your processes and can reduce manual work.  And, investment is by number of "zaps" so it's very economical when you're first getting started.



Canva is one of the most user-friendly solutions for graphic design that we've found. We use Canva for creating thumbnails, banners, backgrounds, workbooks, pdfs, and just about anything that requires some design work.


If you want to schedule appointments with your prospects or clients, then Calendly is my favorite scheduling tool! It integrates seamlessly with your Google/Outlook/Apple Calendar and makes coaching, group coaching, or sales call scheduling a breeze.


If you plan to implement any type of Quiz into your marketing plan as a lead magnet, I recommend Quantum. This is a custom Kajabi Template created specifically for Kajabi users that allow you to create quiz questions that tally a score and then redirect to a specific landing page based on the highest score. You could use third-party options for your quiz, but why not make things easier on yourself and have your quiz right inside your Kajabi?


Creating Lead Magnets was never easier! Designrr will help you create beautiful eBooks, mockups, and... my favorite... flipbooks! We use the flipbook feature from Designrr for all workbooks and eBooks we offer, which creates a more professional user experience. 


Want to capture more visitors to your website into leads? Try using Convertbox! This tool allows you to customize the offers that are displayed to your website visitors based on demographics and core settings, allowing you to better engage with your website traffic.


Want to capture more visitors to your website into leads? Try using Convertbox! This tool allows you to customize the offers that are displayed to your website visitors based on demographics and core settings, allowing you to better engage with your website traffic.


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