Are you struggling with
your online business?


Maybe you're feeling a bit...

...overwhelmed with the technology, tasks, marketing, and other hats you have to wear.

...confused about why you're not getting conversions on your offers.

...frustrated with the lack of results.

...uncertain about WHAT you should be doing, WHEN to do them, and HOW all these tasks fit together.

...maybe even feeling like a failure and wanting to quit.

Wait! We can help!


It's Time for You to Get Strategic!

No matter where you are in your online business journey, we can make it easier.  Our special superpower is supporting you with Strategy Coaching where we dive deep into your...

  • Website Strategy (so your website becomes a high converting sales tool),
  • Marketing Strategy (so you KNOW what marketing efforts to focus on...and which ones are wasting your time),
  • Sales Strategy (so you have a rock-solid plan for capturing new leads...that convert!)
  • Business Strategy (so you have clarity, vision, and purpose while finding joy in what you do),
  • and other key areas that may be holding you back from the success you desire.
Strategy Coaching

Technology slowing you down?  We make Kajabi effortless!  Let us walk you through both the "what to do" AND the "how to do it".

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Strategy Coaching

Launch faster. Get better results.  Eliminate the confusion and overwhelm.  Tap into Rebecca's expertise to save you time and money.

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Website Review

Get in-depth feedback on your website or launch funnel!  Reviews include a full report on strategic improvements so you can get better results PLUS a 1-hour recorded call.

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Take our Strategy Quiz and find out which type of growth strategy is best for YOUR business that will yield the biggest results!

Building an online business can't be done with cookie-cutter themes, tips, or courses.  Every business is unique, with individual success tactics based on factors like audience, message, overall goals, budget, and more.  Stop trying to create your business from someone else's story!  Take the quiz to get your own strategic plan.


We Make Kajabi Effortless...

Looking for more hands-on help?  

We can also assist with:

  • Full Kajabi Website, Funnel, & Product Design,
  • Automations, Analytics, & Advanced Systems Creation,
  • Email Strategies & Integrations,
  • On-Going Kajabi Website Maintenance,
  • Kajabi Coaching Packages to turn you into a Kajabi expert in no time! 

Whether you're a Do-it-Yourselfer, looking for Done-for-You help, or anything in between, we have a package to fit every budget and need.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Building an online business has several facets including things like Branding, Copywriting, Web Design, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, and the list goes on.  

If you have a deep desire to create, build, and grow an online business but are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, we have the support you need!

Stop trying to figure it out through courses, articles, and countless YouTube videos!

Get comprehensive and strategic support through 1:1 Coaching or one of our Done-for-You packages.


I am very pleased with the work Rebecca has done prior to and during my website launch. She's a Kajabi project specialist and a marketing expert, which meant that she could understand my business both from the technical as well as from the business side. This proved extremely helpful as it left me more time to focus on the creative side of my business. Working with Rebecca took away much of the anxiety that comes with launching a product whether your're doing it for the first time or for umpteenth time. Thankfully, my launch went off without a hitch, and I'm grateful for her professionalism in working with me on my project.

Nikki Chaplin

Design Your Ideal Life

Have an idea and

just getting started?


Let us help you do it right the first time!  We have a proven checklist to help you get your program up and running without all the confusion, lost time, and struggling to figure things out.

We can guide you on your project so that you maximize your efforts.

Even better if you don't have your platform yet!

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Meet Rebecca Austin

Website Strategist, Business Coach, & Digital Marketing Advisor

Rebecca Austin started her first business when she was just 15 years old and considers herself a lifelong learner. 

She got started with Kajabi when it was first launched to the public and is considered a "founding member", which gave her the opportunity to not only grow her own successful knowledge commerce businesses but also realize her true superpower is helping others create their online Kajabi businesses. 

She has been featured in several Kajabi podcasts and is often a valued member of Kajabi's product development beta group for new features before they are released.

With an analytical mind and a keen sense of website strategy, Rebecca offers unique insights not often found anywhere else.  Her clients appreciate her ability to lessen the learning curve while offering strategic insights into what it takes to both create AND scale an online business. 


Disclosure: I am not an employee or representative of Kajabi, LLC. I am an independent Kajabi Partner and I receive referral payments from Kajabi in this role. All opinions expressed herein are my own and are not official statements of Kajabi or any party affiliated with Kajabi.