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Google Analytics for Kajabi Users

Knowing and understanding your metrics is the cornerstone to making decisions in your business and supporting solid marketing strategies...that convert!  How can you know what is working, what isn't, what needs adjusting, and where opportunities are being overlooked if you don't look at the analytics? (Included in Pro Academy)

$57  (Special Offer)

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Kajabi Webinars

Learn step-by-step strategies and processes to build webinars in Kajabi.  Includes Webinar Project Blueprint to keep you organized, types of webinars, and how to create them inside Kajabi.  Paid vs. Free, Live vs. Pre-recorded, Date Selections, and more!  (Included in the Pro Academy!)

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Mastering Online Marketing

Once you build your site, you want to get it launched!  Learn how to optimize your marketing strategies to grow your Kajabi website and sell your products!  Includes powerful tips on SEO, Building Your Brand, Social Media Strategies, Content Marketing, and more! (Included in Pro Academy)

$97 Unlimited Access!

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Pro Academy Membership

Grow your online business by increasing your skills, your knowledge, and your networking while gaining the support of a powerful community.  Includes access to the FULL Kajabi Mentorship plus Monthly bonus content & live group coaching!

Only $57 per month!

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Project Blueprints

Getting organized can take the overwhelm out of creating an online program.  We give you the steps in a handy Trello Project Management board, customizable to your project.  Bonus strategy videos also included that walk you through each phase of development.

$77 for Blueprint Tasks & Strategies

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FREE!  Pipeline Plan Workbook

Get access to this valuable tool to help you plan and strategize your sales funnel.