Set Yourself up for Massive Growth with BusinessĀ Rx RetreatsĀ & Prescriptive Coachingā„¢

Are you tired of working IN your business and not ON it?Ā 

Discover the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs looking to achieve massive growth without the overwhelm.

If you are ready to see some big changes in your business and life, it's time to attend a Business Planning Retreat!

Next Retreat Fall 2025

Relax and unwind while you get focused support so you can cast your vision, then create a clear plan to achieve your goals!

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Introducing Prescriptive Coaching™

Co-Founded by Rebecca Austin, Prescriptive Coaching™ is a signature program that uses data-driven support to create a custom formula just for you.

Think "Moneyball" and "23andMe" for your business.

To maximize the effectiveness of our Retreats, we start with YOUR data.  Data is the cornerstone of every business and the key to massive growth.

With your data, we combine your information with our proprietary and unique system to create a custom formula just for you!

Then, armed with this information, our team will guide you through creating your growth plan for the upcoming months post-retreat!

The Business Rx Retreat Experience

Join us for our upcoming Business Planning Retreat.

Relax and unwind while you get focused support to cast your vision and create a clear plan to achieve your goals.

Gain Valuable Insights & Support

You'll discover insights on these key areas of life and business:

  • How to Massively Grow Your Business Without Overwhelm
  • How to Effectively Run Your Business for Maximum Profitability
  • What Work and Routines Match Your Personality for Optimal Productivity and Results
  • Scientifically Proven Habits to Deliver Higher Income, Happiness, & Long-term Success
  • Removing the Psychological Barriers Holding You Back
  • Develop efficient Processes, Habits, and Procedures for Maximum Effectiveness and Results
  • Gain Clarity on your ideal Strategies, Systems, and Support
  • Overcome Roadblocks
  • Zero in on Ideal Marketing Strategies for Explosive Growth

During the retreat, our team will guide you through creating a clear vision and a customized growth plan based on YOUR business data.  You'll receive a custom Prescriptive Coaching report with key insights, a clear vision map for the next 3 months, 6 months, and a year, and support in creating a project plan, marketing plan, and sales strategy to support your vision.

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The Perfect Balance of Work and Relaxation

But it's not just about the work - enjoy some relaxation and unwind at a beautiful location. The retreat investment of $10,000 includes meals, lodging, and all activities.

Don't let yourself get lost in the day-to-day grind of your business. Join us for a Business Rx Retreat with Prescriptive Coaching™ and set yourself up for massive growth. Take action today!

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