All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Kajabi is the most powerful platform ON THE PLANET for creating successful online businesses!  Why?  Because it offers an All-in-One Solution for creating unique and out-of-the-box opportunities, including (but not limited to)

  • Website
  • Online Programs/Training/Events
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Payment Collection
  • CRM & Email Systems
  • Automated Tasks
  • Surveys & Assessments
  • & so much more!

Sure, you could go directly to Kajabi to start your account...BUT... by clicking on my partner link below, you get MORE!  When you use my partner link, you also get access to my Kajabi Mentorship program, PLUS a free 30-minute strategy meeting with me!  My goal is to help you succeed and to see results as quickly as possible.  Thinking about Kajabi and not sure yet?  Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with me and I'll give you some extra bonus tips that will help you catapult your results.


Why Should You Choose Kajabi?

If you're wanting to build a business with an online presence, Kajabi offers some amazing and powerful tools that are ALL INCLUSIVE so you can:

  • MARKET in new and innovative ways!
  • CONNECT with your audience on a deeper level and on their terms, creating relationships while building loyal fans!
  • DELIVER professional and powerful content to transform your clients through easily accessible channels.
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Connect with Your Clients

Kajabi's new mobile app feature works seamlessly with both Communities and Products inside your Kajabi account!  This means you can create a customized tool to connect with your audience on a DEEPER LEVEL without the distractions of typical Social Media Group platforms!

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Promote Your Business

Kajabi makes setting up Marketing Strategies and Sales Funnels a breeze with handy Landing Pages, Pipeline Funnels, Automation Options, and Email Sequences.  Grow your list, promote a loyal following, and sell your products and services with Kajabi!

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Set Your Business Apart From the Competition

We live in a technological world where information is key yet standing out from the crowd is getting harder to do.  Kajabi offers powerful tools to help you with setting yourself apart in a way that fosters loyal clients.

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Let Kajabi Help You Grow Your Business in Innovative Ways!

Rebecca Austin specializes in working with businesses and strategically crafting ways that Kajabi can support Sales, PR, Customer Retention, Client Loyalty, Repeat Business, Referrals, and a Deeper Connection with your Audience.

You can do this through Kajabi's App, Product Creation of Online Training Programs, Branded Communities, Marketing Pages, and so much more!

Click on my Partner Link below to gain instant access.

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Once you enroll in Kajabi, learn how to use it with our Kajabi Mentorship!

Get started right, with Kajabi Mentorship!  Saves time, limits frustrations, and gets you up and running faster so you can maximize your 14 day trial!

Click on the link below to get access to the first two modules for FREE! 


Meet Rebecca Austin,

Kajabi Founding Member, Coach, Consultant, Expert, & Strategist.

Rebecca Austin started her first business when she was just 15 years old and considers herself a lifelong learner.  She got her Masters in Business Administration while working at one of the largest private universities in the U.S. as a corporate trainer.  After the birth of her daughter, she decided to start her own business so she could have more flexible time to also be a mom.  Shortly after launching her first online business, she was fortunate enough to be introduced to Kajabi, before it was even launched to the public.  Quickly seeing the value of this platform, she not only grew her own thriving and successful online businesses, but helped others achieve Digital CEO status as well.  Now, she focuses most of her time on Kajabi as a Partner, Coach, Consultant, and offering Done-For-You Services.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and enjoying natural horsemanship with her three beautiful horses.

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Work with Rebecca

Fill out the form below to inquire about Rebecca's Kajabi Consulting, Coaching, or Done-For-You Services.

Disclosure: I am not an employee or representative of Kajabi, LLC. I am an independent Kajabi Partner and I receive referral payments from Kajabi in this role. All opinions expressed herein are my own and are not official statements of Kajabi or any party affiliated with Kajabi.

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