Where to Start When Building an Online Course

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A common question I hear when working with new clients is what I recommend as a good place to start when building their online courses.  The answer to this question isn't an easy one, as often it depends on the person, the program, the resources, and the goals.

Generally speaking, however, before starting to build out your pages or programs in Kajabi, I recommend creating your "BRAND".  What do I mean by this?

Your brand is how people recognize you and your business.  This includes name, logo, colors, fonts, graphics, tagline, and overall customer experience.

You don't want to just arbitrarily pick any old colors or images, though.  Here are a few recommendations when creating your brand:

  1. Look at your competition and see what they are doing.  This will give you a feel for what your customers are used to and expecting.
  2. Consider to whom you are marketing.  Sometimes this is referred to as a Marketing Avatar.  What is your niche?  What does your perfect customer look like?  Consider what appeals to this audience.
  3. Consider your personality and what traits you have that will attract like-minded people and attract your target audience.
  4. Depending on your budget, consider working with a professional branding expert, graphic designer, and/or marketing team.

By setting up your brand BEFORE jumping into creating your online course, you can save time and effort in the long run because you won't have to go back and change things or worry about missing details that might create a less-than-cohesive look.

Tip:  Depending on the circumstances, you can brand yourself!  Sometimes it's better to brand your name or trade name rather than choose a company name.

Tip:  Even with a branded site, you can also brand a product.  Each product you create can have its own branded imaging, colors, fonts, and overall feel.  For some products, you can even reserve the custom domain for the product.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Building an online business has several facets including things like Branding, Copywriting, Web Design, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, and the list goes on.  

If you have a deep desire to create, build, and grow an online business but are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, we have the support you need!

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