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kajabi how-to marketing seo Oct 30, 2019

"If you build it, they will come..." 

This famous line from the iconic movie Field of Dreams is not necessarily indicative of what you will get when building Kajabi blog articles or programs.  Whether you're promoting a blog, a podcast, a product, a coaching program, or other service using Kajabi, there are few things you can do to encourage more traffic... and of course boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings with Google.

Here are a few key tips to help you boost your rankings and get found more easily by your audience:

1.  Fill out the SEO and Sharing sections for each Page, Blog article, and main Settings (found in your Site Settings).  This is programmed by Kajabi to maximize visibility with Google and other search engines.  

If you forget to fill these out or choose not to fill them out, then Kajabi will use default information from your page or article, which may not be what you want them to use... and it may not be the content that maximizes visibility.

Here's an example of a page I created that I forgot to change the SEO settings, and how it showed up on Google's index:

 Make it a habit to always fill out this section and use the strategies discussed in number 2 below.

2.  Be strategic about what you include in your SEO and Sharing section.  Include keywords in the title and the description that flags search engines to send their audience to you when they are looking for what you offer.  Research top keywords and searches for your industry and cater your articles to what they want.  Then be consistent in the wording you use in your SEO and Sharing around those keywords.

3.  Post consistently and cross-reference on all your social media sites.  Search engines love consistent posting on your blogs and social media sites, with links that direct your audience to your blog or website. How often you post will depend on you, but pick a schedule and then stick with it.  In Kajabi, you can schedule out blog articles into the future, so you can even write several articles on a given day, for example, that will post over several days or weeks.

Be aware, however, that YouTube is owned by Google and is in direct competition with Facebook.  Google will always rank YouTube higher than Facebook, and Facebook will not tend to like links to YouTube videos.  If you are posting content via video, upload the video separately to Facebook, YouTube, and your Blog with links from Facebook to your Blog and YouTube to your Blog.  This also leads me to my next tip:

4.  Use YouTube!  Since Google owns YouTube, if you have a topic that warrants video, USE IT!  Post regularly to YouTube with references to your blog/podcast/website.  As you grow your YouTube following, you will also be ranking yourself in Google.  Have you noticed how Google has changed how they show top rankings in a search?  It used to show advertised sites first, then the top 10 or so sites for that keyword search.  Now, it shows top YouTube videos first!  

In the example below, as you can see, a search about Getting Started with Kajabi shows the paid ad first, then Kajabi's site, then YouTube!  Want to rank higher in Google?  Start developing a YouTube following!

5.  Cross-reference other blog articles that you've written in your new posts with direct links, clickable images, or buttons.  This will encourage visitors to stay longer and shows more interest in your site which helps boost your ranking with search engine algorithms.  

6.  Double-check how Google sees you.  You can do this by opening a new browser window then typing in the following address: or

You'll see a list of what Google has indexed for you and how these pages appear to anyone searching.  If you don't like what you see, it will give you direction on areas you can improve, settings you can change, or content you can edit.

Once you have followed these steps consistently, you'll find your Kajabi site is just as competitive in ranking in Google than any other platform.  And, to track your analytics, you can also set up integration with Google Analytics.  

So try these strategies for yourself and see how they work for you.  Be sure to check out our other blog articles and visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page for more tips and support!

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