Order Bumps and Offer Upsells: What they are and how to use them.

When purchasing something online, say a $27 purchase, it might take you to a screen with a $57 offer. But then as you’re about to go, there’s another $97 offer, and another, and so on. It’s a little frustrating. We just want what we need and be done with it.

The best thing about Kajabi is it doesn’t have multiple upsells. It gives you two options: order bump and order upsell. Having just one order bump or upsell is more streamlined than having multiple ones. It’s easier to be more strategic and give your clients a lot more value.

Order Bump vs. Order Upsell

So what exactly is the difference between an order bump and an order upsell and how do we set that up?

An order bump is something that goes naturally with what you are currently selling on that particular checkout; it’s an add-on. An upsell on the other hand is something higher-priced.

How to Make an Order Bump

To illustrate, we’ve created three tickets in Kajabi plus the Take Charge Summit Accessories kit. The logical order bump would be the accessories kit where they might get access to some bonuses like workbooks, resources, or something that would help them with the attendance of the summit.

You’re basically saying, “Do you want just the training or just the attendance on the summit?” Or, “Would you like the summit and the workbook and some of the accessories and bonuses that go along with purchasing and spending this extra order bump?”

To create one, you need a separate offer that grants them access to it. It can be for a whole wide range of things. If it’s a workbook, you can add that to the automations in the second offer.

To make it as an order bump, we go into the offer that we want to add the order bump to, in this case the Take Charge Summit offer. Since the order bump is located on the checkout itself, we need to edit checkout.

Here we can add the accessories kit. On the offer, you get this little checkbox that says, Yes, add Take Charge Summit Accessories Kit. Go back to the offers and change it to ‘the Take Charge Summit Accessories Kit.’ When go back to the original offer, you'll see it says, ‘Yes, add the take charge summit accessories kit.’ It just makes more sense.

You can have an additional description to make someone really want to click it. Kajabi has all the standard formatting – bold, italics, change colors, etc. – that we can use to really grab their attention and let them understand what exactly that they're getting, including the price. Make it as detailed as possible. It builds value and lets them know what they're getting.

You can only do one order bump which shows up on the main page where it gives them an option to click to add to their purchase. Again, you want to make sure your order bump logically fits together with what it is that you're currently seeing.

How to Make an Upsell

An upsell is the next screen that will pop up immediately following ‘Complete my purchase.’ Here’s an example which is a small mini course on Kajabi webinars.

We get a lot of questions about webinars. Everybody's different and most people are doing them wrong or they're approaching them from the wrong perspective and they're not putting a good strategy behind their webinars. So what we have on this particular program is a mini course (webinar tutorial).

The checkout does not have any order bump. It's simply going to have them where they enter their information and complete their purchase. But then the next page, after they go to this particular page, they're going to see an offer to add to their purchase a coaching session with me.

To make an upsell we need to take a step back. Scroll down and you'll have an upsell option. On this offer, there'll be an option to add an upsell. Click on that and then you'll have a dropdown to pick the offer that you want your upsell to be.

Once we’ve done that, we have to edit it. We can't just add an upsell and then expect it to work. We need to go to the upsell editing section by clicking on it. It’s very simplistic, and this is one of the things Kajabi has talked about improving on a potential future update.

You have an option to pick what your upsell offer is. Then you're going to put a title. I suggest adding this as an attention grabbing message rather than title. So even though it says, ‘Title’, I recommend that you let this be like your header, attention grabber, value proposition, then your subtitle, and then a description. You can also add a video.

Here's a side tip: you can create your upsell on, say, a word document where you have images and different colored texts. Since we don't have the option like we do in some other areas that has deeper editing capabilities for your images or your different types of texts, you can create it in a word doc or Google word or Google docs, and then you can copy and paste it here.

Then, what you'll do is you can edit your purchase button. You can edit your ‘No thanks’ or Cancel button. Click preview to make sure everything looks the way you want it to be. When someone purchases the offer, what they're going to see is simply just a page with your title here on the top, your video with the price, their acceptance or ‘No, thank you’, and your description.

If it's a longer description, it will actually put the button twice – one above and one below it. Once you have it set up the way you like it you need to turn it on to activate the upsell.

Note: we cannot do upsells on a free offer. It has to be a paid one because on the offer is where they're collecting the credit card and all that kind of information and just tacks that on top of it. It’s not designed to collect those kinds of information on the upsell.

So if you have a low price or a free offer you want to do an upsell, I recommend you make that into a low-priced item like a $1, $5, or $7, and so on. That way you can do your upsell if you wanted to do that instead.


That in a nutshell is a little bit of information about the order bumps and upsells – when you would use them and how you would use them. Experiment, have some fun with it, but always be thinking about it from an end goal in mind. What is the end goal that you want to reach? What journey are you taking them on and where do you want to take them? That helps you to create everything from a client flow perspective.

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