Kajabi London Dev. Cycle Update! New Kajabi Features

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Every couple of months, Kajabi releases special feature updates they have been working on to enhance the capabilities of the platform.  Today, I'm excited to announce some of the new features that Kajabi just released on the “London development cycle”.

London Development Cycle 2021

 The London Updates in Kajabi include a wide range of customization options, enhancements, and features.  For a full listing of London’s features, visit Kajabi’s product update website here.  Here are a few of my favorites…


Personally, the introduction of the new Audio feature is one of my favorites for this development cycle.  For years, I and my clients have been using audio inside Kajabi for various purposes including podcast episodes, meditation guides, affirmations, and many others.  

In the past with audio, what we've had to do is upload a file into maybe Google drive and then get the embed code, and then put that into a page or in your product through the embed code. There are a couple of other ways of doing audio, but it really wasn't super seamless. It was doable, but at the same time, it's not quite as seamless as if it's integrated right inside, which now it is!

Now, you can add audio files in Kajabi in:

  • Blog posts!  
  • Product posts
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Pages


There are many reasons why you might want to add audio to your blog, including those of you who are wanting to promote a blog much like a podcast...and for podcasters out there...stay tuned because the development team is hinting at MORE TO COME for you!!!  To add audio to your blogs, now you simply click on the Audio option under Media in your Post Editor.

 Product Posts:
To add Audio to a Product Post, inside the Post Editor you'll now see an audio option next to Video and Assessments.  Select your file just like you would for uploading a video.  It's that easy!
Landing Pages and Website Pages
For Encore pages (this feature will not show in your Premiere pages), you will now see an Audio option in the Sections Menu when adding Sections to the page.  
Be sure to explore all the latest features released in London including:
  • More customization to checkout
  • New Encore Website Theme Templates
  • Grant Offer Page with better reports when granting offers to members.
  • Kajabi Labs, found in your Settings, to turn on and off new features still in the develpment phases so you can try them out and offer your feedback!!!

What are your favorite features in this cycle?

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