Kajabi Feature Release - App Customization Color Palette

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With all the changes to how we do business these past months, Kajabi has continued to work hard behind the scenes to add new features to help as we promote and grow our Kajabi online programs.  The latest new feature release now gives us the ability to change the colors as displayed in the Kajabi App.

If you're not familiar with the Kajabi App, your clients and customers can download this app to their phones or smart devices and access your (and any other) Kajabi programs!  As a result, your customers can login pretty much anywhere to view your content!  How cool is that?

And with the rise of private communities for online engagement, the app becomes a powerful tool to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level!

The app does have some limitations, particularly for those of you who use lots of graphics and mp3 files as part of your programs.  The app doesn't mirror the look of your product like if they were to login through their internet browser.  Instead, it will follow a more simplistic view.  

Personally, I haven't felt that the app version has been any less valuable or impressive to the customer.  After all, the core of your online program is in the CONTENT you share.

Previously, when setting up the app for your site, you were limited to the sections displaying in Kajabi's trademark blue.  Now, however, you can customize the app colors to one that more closely resembles your personal brand!

To adjust your app branding, from your Kajabi menu, click on "Settings" then proceed to the "Mobile App Settings".  You can add your logo (if you haven't already) and NOW, change the App Colors!

Of course, the benefit of the App feature, just like any other, will only be as good as your strategies and how you use it.  

Maximize the App Feature on Your Kajabi Account

Here are a few tips for maximizing the app feature on your account:

  • Take the time to set everything up so you come across branded and professional.
  • Communicate with new enrollments that the App is available.  I encourage sharing steps and links to download the app in your Welcome emails and/or on the Welcome/Thank You Page.
  • Add the "Download the App" bar to your products.  This is done in your App settings, and will make it easier for someone who logged in through a PC to remember they can also access your content through the App.
  • Promote the App to your audience!  This is especially beneficial if you have a Kajabi Community!  You want your audience to want to download the app, login regularly, and stay engaged.  Their approach starts with YOU and how you encourage them to engage.

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