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Tracking in any online business is an important part of analyzing what is working, what isn't, and making decisions accordingly.   Analytics gives us a much bigger picture of where the disconnect may be in your marketing funnel, which gives you insights on what needs to be corrected for better results.

When I started my first online Kajabi business, I didn't understand how important this small aspect was for my business; and as a result, I found myself spinning my wheels in frustration, not understanding why my perfectly created wonderful, life-changing course wasn't selling!

Most sales funnels, including the online training world of marketing courses, will include some kind of traffic-generating option that will capture visitors' attention enough for them to want to take some form of action (usually give you their email address for a free offer or solution).  From here they become "Leads" and are in your "marketing funnel".  In Kajabi, we call them "Pipelines".

The Pipeline then takes the prospect on a journey of sorts to take them to your sale or offer where they (hopefully) will buy.  

Analytics will tell us where the problem may be if you're not getting the results you want.

If you are not getting any traffic to your marketing funnel, then the disconnect is in your advertising dollars, the wording on the ad, the wrong target audience criteria, and/or other key factors that would affect low "traffic". 

If you are getting traffic, but there are not many people clicking to give their email address for your free offer, then the disconnect may be in the offer, the wording for the offer (such as not addressing enough PAIN with SOLUTIONS), or other key factors that would affect low "leads".

If you are getting a good response to your free offer, but not many sales, then the disconnect may be in the offer, sales page wording, not asking for the sale, not enough perceived value, or other key factors that would affect low "conversions".

The only way to know where to start experimenting on your funnel to fix the problems is to look at your analytics to find the disconnects, then start tweaking and experimenting until you find a solution that works.

Kajabi offers amazing analytics reports right inside the platform!  From your Kajabi Main Menu, click on "Website" then select "Analytics".  From here you can run reports with page views, unique views, opt-ins, and offers!

Then, boost your analytics even further by integrating Kajabi with your Google Analytics account!

To do this, click on your Settings tab, go to third-party integrations, then add your Google Analytics code! Use Google tag codes by adding the Google Site Tag Code to your theme template.

What are YOUR analytics telling you?

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