How to Edit your Terms and Privacy Policy in Kajabi

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Sometimes, I have clients contact me just to review their site and pipeline prior to launch to help them make sure everything is working correctly and set up the way they want.

One of the most common things I catch prior to the first launch with new launches in Kajabi is the Terms Page and Privacy Policy page not being updated from the defaults.  These pages are very important to double-check on your site before going live, as they are crucial for online compliance.

Note:  Kajabi offers a basic template for you to use, however it is advisable to contact legal counsel for customized wording that best fits YOUR business.

In most situations, the Terms and Privacy Policy links will be in your Footer Navigtation menu.  Granted, you can customize your footer to include whatever links you want, yet you want to make sure to always have these two links available somewhere on any live/published page.

Personally, because I offer consulting and online training programs in addition to my other services, I also include an Earnings Disclaimer as well.  Again, it is best to get legal advice on what options you need to include for your industry and your business.

To change the Terms and/or Privacy Policy pages, you will find them under your "Settings" tab from the main Kajabi Menu.  From there, click on the "Static Pages".

To edit or customize these pages, you can then click on the pencil icon to the right of the page you wish to edit:

 It is also recommended to make it a point to review your static pages with any new product launch or change of the business to make sure all information is up-to-date and accurate.

So check your Static Pages, and keep things professional and compliant!

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