How to Set Up Gift Certificates in Kajabi

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Kajabi is an amazing platform for offering online training courses and programs to your audience, and in most cases, the end-user is the one purchasing the course.  At times, you may want to offer the option for someone to buy your program as a gift.

Offering gift certificate options, especially during the holidays, can expand your reach on potential sales.  Depending on your niche and the type of training you offer, you can also promote "Buddy" sales where they can purchase two-for-the-price-of-one, buy-one-get-one-free, or buy-one-get-one-half-off!  Just like many other features inside Kajabi, you can be creative and create the options you want.

Let's walk through setting up a basic gift certificate scenario, then you can customize the process for your needs!

Step One:

In order to offer a gift certificate, we need to create a special offer that has the automation of granting a coupon code for 100% off the product.  That way, the person who is purchasing and gifting will be purchasing this specific offer.  After they purchase, it will trigger an automated email that grants shares with them a 100% off single-use coupon.

So, our first step is to create the offer or duplicate an existing offer.  You'll want to name the offer with an internal title that reflects the Gift Certificate so you will remember this is the Gifting Offer.

Don't attach a product to this offer unless this is a "Buy One/Get One" scenario.  Otherwise, the purchaser will have access to your course as well.

Step Two:

Edit the checkout page to reflect the gift certificate offer.  Bullet point the highlights of what they get for purchasing and clearly explain they will get a "Gift Certificate/Voucher" after checkout via email that they can give to the recipient.

You can also add some nice gift-type graphics if you want.

Step Three:

Create a single-use coupon code.  Name your coupon, then set the discount amount to 100%.  Attach the product you want the coupon to be associated with. 

Step Four:

Go back to the Gift Certificate offer and add the coupon automation.  Select "Send a Single-Use Coupon" when Offer is Purchased for the automation, and choose your gift certificate coupon that you created in Step Three.

Edit the Automated Email that will be sent to the purchaser.  You can adjust the wording to make it easier for them to either forward the email or print and gift it that way.

Step Five:

Now you can to add the link to the Gift Certificate checkout page to your Sales Pages, Social Media Posts, Marketing Emails, etc to promote the Gift Certificate option to your audience.

That's all there is to set up a gift certificate option for your class/event/course/program/coaching/etc. inside Kajabi.  

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