Generating a Free Offer Opt-in Pipeline

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Pipelines are a powerful feature inside Kajabi that makes it remain my favorite go-to platform for helping me grow, manage, and maintain my online businesses. We can create stunning and impactful programs that can change lives...BUT...only if we can get them into the hands of our audience. We do this through marketing and Sales Funnels. In Kajabi, we call them Pipelines.

In this video, I answer a question that was asked about how to create a free offer Pipeline that gives the option to view the content upon opting in... and with the option to download information on that page.

Before starting any offer sequence, I recommend taking out a sheet of paper (or preferred technology for this sort of thing) and map out the flow of how you want the customer's experience to flow.  

From that, you can then build those components inside Kajabi using the many tools at our disposal.

In this case, the question was how to set up an optin that takes them to a Delivery Page rather than an instantaneous download.  To help answer that question... and to also help you, I recorded the steps to set that sequence up.

Here are the basic steps as outlined in the video:

1.  Under Marketing, go to Pipelines.

2.  Create a New Pipeline and select Freebie.

3.  Change the Thank You Page to your Delivery Page.

4.  Edit each section in the pipeline to the look, feel, and content desired.

5.  Test your Pipeline.

6.  Launch it to the world.

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