New Feature Release: Kajabi's Broadcast Email Editor

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Despite things you may have heard to the contrary, email marketing is still an integral part of any online business.  We work hard to build our list!  But a list doesn't do us much good if it's just a bunch of names.  We need to have strategies that engage with our list.

Email marketing is a great way to foster that desired engagement and loyalty.  The key to email marketing strategies is to offer valuable content that encourages them to not only open them but interact with the contents and hopefully take some form of action.  That action that they take is the engagement we are striving for!  

With Kajabi's new Broadcast Email Editor, creating stunning and professional-looking emails just got easier!  And, with so many amazing editing features, our emails can make it even easier for our followers to engage!

I've been beta testing this new feature for the past two months and here's few things I personally noticed when using these beautiful emails with my lists:

  • Open rate was higher!  The percentages on the emails sent with the email editor had a higher open ratio, and with some targeted lists, I saw rates as high as 82%!  No, that's not a misprint!
  • Engagement and click rates were higher!  My favorite email analytic to look at is the click rates because ultimately, that's the most important one!  It's what tells us if our emails accomplished the goal of getting the reader to not only open the email but to spend some time with my content and take some action!  Click rates increased by an average of 57% during my beta period!
  • Bounce rate was lower!  We all hate having emails bounce.  With the new Lightning Loader (another added feature in the Email Editor), my bounce rates were significantly less.  [happy dance]!
  • Feedback was A+!  When I asked my audience what they thought about the new email look, the feedback I received was a resounding thumbs up!  It didn't matter what email service provider they used, or if they were viewing on PC, tablet, or mobile, my clients and followers loved it!

So that all being said, I'm excited to introduce you to Kajabi's Email Editor.  Watch the video with this article to see a full demonstration and walk-through to show you how to use this exciting new feature!


A few great new features you'll notice when you log in and create a new email broadcast in the Email Editor:

  • Dashboard was created to look and function similar to the Page Builder for easier editing and navigation!
  • Build your emails by "section" and "blocks", then customize each for both Desktop and Mobile views!
  • Add a Countdown timer for an upcoming event that adds urgency and encourages action.
  • Add Buttons for easy navigation and get them to engage!
  • Add a "video" that takes them to any video link of your choosing!
  • Add Social Links to encourage more followers on social channels.
  • and so much more...!

Check it out for yourself!  I can't wait to hear what you love most and how it works for you.  

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