Elements of an Effective Offer to Build Your Audience (Part 2)

In this article, we're going to go over some of the technology inside Kajabi so that you understand all the pieces that go together when you're crafting an effective offer, lead magnet or lead generation tool inside your website.

Using Templates vs. Starting from Scratch

Kajabi has a couple of different things that can be used on any particular lead magnet or offer type of scenario. Depending on your offer and how you decided to framework, it’s going to adjust the pieces that go into that. If you framework that for yourself to make it easier for you, then it really helps in putting the pieces together and building.

You can go into pipelines and build it from a template. Kajabi has put together some really good templates for you to help those creative juices flowing and understand what pieces go together. However, if you do use a template, make sure that you go through every single element that Kajabi has put together for you.

We don't want to launch something live and have some texts that aren’t applicable to your particular offer, especially with the email sequences. You don't want emails to go out to your audience that are completely irrelevant. Otherwise, you're more likely to have people just unsubscribe from your list which completely defeats the whole purpose of the exercise in the first place.

I don’t use them personally simply because for me it’s easier to start from scratch and make sure that I haven't missed anything as far as any of the calls to action, the text, or the elements, and so on. But if you're more comfortable using templates, then by all means, do. They're there to help you, but just make sure that you do go through and get everything customized to your specific scenario.

Pipelines in Kajabi

One of the things we can do is we can go in a Pipeline. In the top corner, you'll notice there are quite a few templates available now depending on how you purchase your Kajabi. These are some of the common ones. If you have others, it may be applicable to specific templates that go with your package.

If we pick one, say ‘Coaching Campaign OVO Pipeline, it tells you exactly what elements are here. Here we've got a sales page, three emails, and then the thank you page.

If we look at ‘Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline’, it’s a little more involved because a webinar has a registration page as a confirmation page, emails leading up to the event, emails after the event, sales page for post-event, and then the checkout, and maybe adding other elements, like a ‘Thank you’ page.

Each one of these templates has all been set up for you and has all these pieces. If you're starting from scratch, you're just basically creating all of these pieces. You're just then putting them together through the automations and through the pipeline

So again, use a template if you're more comfortable with that, or you could start with a blank template and just take those elements that we've put together and then, add them to your pipeline.

Elements of a Pipeline

A pipeline essentially is your organization map. It's similar to a funnel structure where you can see it all in one place. If it's a webinar it's going to be structured in Kajabi a little bit different than if you're doing a free book or if you're doing a video series, or if you're doing a download. We want to set it up in Kajabi, typically in a pipeline.

The main elements you're going to have is your registration page, your opt-in which includes an opt-in form where you can capture their name and email address and any other data you want to.

Next would be our follow-up email sequence. On this particular pipeline, we have our webinar registration page which has a form in that registration page that also sets it to an email sequence for anyone who registers for the webinar.

And then there's the webinar page where they actually get the contents of the webinar. In my case, in this particular circumstance we're setting up a discovery call.

Again, it depends on how you're setting this up. It may then take them to a sales page or to any number of different elements based off of what your lead magnet is.

 How to Framework an Offer

When you're frameworking your free offer, a really good offer should naturally build value and a desire for what your conversion offer is. We don't want to just have an offer that's arbitrary. That doesn't make sense specifically to what you're offering next. It needs to create value by giving them answers. You're giving them incredible value but at the same time you're planting seeds inside of that offer that creates more hunger for more knowledge.

Your free offer should tell them what they need to do to solve their pain or problem. Then you sell them on the ‘how’ where it dives deeper that it gives them the specifics, the steps, the coaching, the implementation, and the transformation.

They could take the information from your free offer and use it to really get some incredible transformation and value, but they got to figure it out on their own. If they don't want to try and figure it out on their own, then they just upsell directly to your main paid offer. It’s a smooth transition.

Building An Effective Pipepline

If you’re doing a coaching program and you offer a free PDF document, it needs to build value that leads them to want to purchase your program. There are exceptions to every rule and there are cases you could be effective on just, say, ‘Sign up for my newsletter’ although the days of just signing up for a newsletter is already behind us.

I'm not saying they're completely behind us. They can work in some circumstances if done effectively. But typically what we're trying to do in a free offer a little building scenario is we're not just building our list. Besides, it's not a popularity contest; we're in business for conversions.

We want to create programs that convert. We get them into the conversion by continually creating more connections, creating a hunger for what it is that you can help them – a hunger for the transformation, that answer that you provide in your paid version. In other words, you’re giving them a taste, a free sample in your free version.

Let's look at, at this particular example. This is for the Digital CEO Pro Academy which leads to the direct offer. So instead of it just being a free offer, it's a paid offer to get all of the benefits of the Pro Academy at a lower price for the first month of the membership. Again, it's just giving them a taste and a hunger for more in what they would get in the full membership.

Here we have the sales page essentially, a welcome page, the offer and checkout which then takes them into the welcome sequence. So you just want to break this down into what are the primary elements that you need in order to really build value to facilitate the automation process inside Kajabi.

If we're looking at it from a technical standpoint, you typically need to have your registration page, your opt-in page, an opt-in form with your email sequence, and some kind of confirmation, thank you, or welcome page. In some cases it might be what we call a delivery page.

If you're doing an ebook, PDF download, or MP3 (Kajabi now has the audio capability to embed audio right into a page), we just simply embed that in the delivery page and then direct traffic back to that page.

Why Not Use Email?

What you're missing out on an email is 1) Are they going to open the email? 2) Emails get lost, and 3) We want to continually and quickly build connection and value. So as soon as someone could submit to, they're immediately taken to a delivery page. That then has an ebook as a flip book that they can flip through the pages right there on that page. Or, they could listen to the audio or watch the video immediately, get that instant gratification, and see those amazing content and get the value right away. Right there, you’re increasing your conversion ratio.

The other thing is that if it's just in an email, it’s somewhat like a dead end. We always want to have the next journey. The next step in the journey gives them the opportunity to take that next step immediately.

So on a delivery page, you can actually take them right there to say, ‘Love this free download’, or ‘Are you enjoying this video? Click here to join the program’ or ‘Click here to learn more about our mastermind’ or Click here to become a member’ – whatever it is that you're upselling them.

Kajabi also has the timed feature where you could actually have it where, at the end of the webinar, your offer pops up and they can purchase immediately.


You can be a little bit more strategic using the technology by simply setting up those elements that go with your goals and then using that technology to your advantage. So these are just some quick tips. Just jump on in and play around with it.

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