Critical Elements of an Effective Offer Page That You Might Have Missed!

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Whether you are working on a Kajabi platform or not, having an excellent offer page is a must. People often talk about giving out free stuff or having some type of low-priced offer to drive potential clients and grow your email list. It turns out, there’s quite a bit of truth to that!

However, there are pieces to that puzzle that's so often missed, especially when you're putting together the big picture of your site and your particular offer sequence. So in this article, I want to clear that up for you and help you understand how all these things fit together and learn to craft an offer page that has a clear and specific purpose that will help you in achieving your goals.

#1 Determine what Product to Offer and Decide if the Offer is Free or Low-priced

First, what do you have to offer that can help your audience in some way?  It doesn't matter how many people come to your offer page or sales page if you don't have something people want.  Typically, brainstorm a topic or solution to a specific pain or problem they may have, then create an entry point that tells them "WHAT" to do to solve their problem, then invite them to continue their journey with you to find out more details and the HOW

Your entry point offer could be an eBook, Webinar, Mini-Course, Video Series, or any number of different options. 

Decide whether your entry is then free or if you will charge for the initial information.

Offering a product, whether it’s free or low-priced is your entry point when you’re getting people into your sales funnel. If you are doing paid ads, social media marketing, or any type of inbound marketing-type strategies, we want to have a specific area to which we can send people that engages with them. 

Engagement is essential even in your initial steps. This is so they can opt-in and share information if, for example, you have a free offer. The same goes for offering a low-priced product where they need to purchase and give out their info to get the product at that lower price.  

Offering a product is just the beginning. Now that they opted-in to your list, you can now slowly build an organization or tribe and develop relationship with them. These people if hooked, are more likely to become loyal and repeat customers.  

Email List: Quality over Quantity 

It’s not just about growing a massive email list. If you focus on quality over quantity, you target the right people who are genuinely looking forward to following you and purchase whatever you offer in the future. On the other hand, getting a huge list can also be beneficial, but most often, a huge chunk of that list leaves and ignore every offer you make. 

Getting the right people needs a lot of planning and strategy. What works is your thorough planning and behind the scene efforts before jumping into creating a product and crafting an offer page.   

#2 Clear Call to Action 

After determining what products you want to develop and offer, the next important element is your call to action. You may not notice it, but if you try to recall visiting a website giving out juicy offers, you can see phrases like “Join us by filling up the form”, “Get our free ebook! Limited slots only!” and they are meant to encourage every viewer to join. Kajabi has opt-in forms that you can use for these purposes for free offers and checkout pages for your paid options.  With both forms and checkouts, you can add automated actions like emails sent and redirects to a thank you page.

Clear Call to Action Means Strategically Crafted Content 

Your clear call to action must be pre-determined before setting up your Sales or Offer Page. It starts with valuable content – and I mean not just something educational, but content that will solve a problem. If you want to dissect a good content for an offer page, it must have the following: 

  • Tell them who you are 
  • Introduce them to what you do 
  • Let them know a problem 
  • Introduce your free offer or low-price offer
  • What’s in it for them? 
  • How can they get it? 
  • What can they potentially miss if they ignored the opportunity? 
  • What to look forward to? 

So whether you are offering a series of videos, a webinar, or an ebook, it doesn’t just stop there. Remember that your main goal isn’t just let to them get your free stuff in exchange for their contact information, but also to retain their interest and cultivate customer loyalty.  

Continue Engaging Through Email Campaigns 

We must take them to the next journey, engaging them in every step until they reach a certain level in the progress ladder. You can do this by creating an email sequence that you can send out on a monthly or weekly basis. 

These emails should not necessarily contain just product promotions, but also share problems they can relate to, and real solutions that they can make use of.  

#3 Don’t just give away all of your Best Material 

The question we often hear on this is, “At what point do we give away our best material?”. As a rule of thumb, it is best not to over-deliver with your free material. Leave room for questions that will eventually pop up on their minds while digesting your free material. It should only be a sort of a guideline, and a sneak peek of what the premium-priced products can offer.  As mentioned before, one rule of thumb to aide in this concept is to offer them WHAT to do in the low price or free stuff, then sell them on the HOW.

#Use a Welcome Page  

With Kajabi, everything is integrated, and after they enter their contact details in an opt-in form, you have the option to automatically bring them to a Welcome page. I like to call it a welcome page or a delivery page because we’re not thanking them for giving their email address. We are welcoming them to our tribe and offering them a solution where we are helping them. 

This is not a Thank You for them doing something for us. I want to keep a little side note for you on this, but regardless of the system, you want to identify what will be the next steps are. 

Now, if they go to your opt-in page, it should give them a warm and welcoming experience, clear communication to encourage them to continue to engage with you. This is why I really love a welcome/delivery page rather than just the typical “check your email” and then, “here’s your download”. 

How much better on their experience and their impression if it takes them to a welcome page where there’s a video or some type of a message there that says, “Congratulations! So excited that you’ve taken this next step on your journey. Just click on the link below to download”. It’s even better if you put your download link on a flipbook or some type of imagery. It is so much better than having to let them open their inbox just to download your offer. 

If it goes to their mail, how often do you think that it will never be opened? Statistically speaking, it is unfortunately high! 

It’s all about making a difference, showing them value, which then builds trust, builds the relationship, and then encourages them to continue that relationship and move on to the next step. Then this is where they dive deeper as we help them, but also purchases our next offer. 

#5 Invite Viewers to Follow You on Social Media 

Take this opportunity to help them reach you in whatever messaging platform there is. It can be Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest. Even better if you have a chatbot that will engage them every time they visit your page.  

Now, you can break it down into the planning of setting up those things in the platform. If it’s in Kajabi, then we can start building those pages, setting up the checkout page or the opt-in form, setting up the email sequences and the delivery page. If you put all those pieces together, you can quickly identify what elements need to be created to build that messaging and set up that experience and that strategy that we have defined.   

So, that would be setting up your graphics, recording video, writing your copy, setting up those elements. 


Ultimately, you can break down all the complexities of marketing into a few simple concepts.

1.  Get traffic to your offer.

2.  Have an offer that's too good to refuse.

Everything listed in this article are then tips to help you to increase your results when you follow these two steps.

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