Creating "Ghost Offers" in Kajabi


Did you know you can use Kajabi for more than just hosting your online training programs?  With such versatility and the power of being an all-in-one platform, Kajabi is the perfect solution for businesses that offer virtual services such as coaching, consulting, public speaking, masterminds, live/in-person events, etc.

In Kajabi, to sell virtual services or any service not attached to a physical product, all you have to do is create "Ghost Offers".  A ghost offer is, in essence, an offer and checkout page set up in Kajabi that doesn't have any products attached.  


You can still trigger automations such as tags, email sequences, register for an event, etc. once someone purchases, and you have access to all the amazing analytics, payment collection, and custom options that Kajabi offers!

Promote your ghost offers just like you would any other offer, such as links from sales pages, web pages, social media posts, etc.  Then let Kajabi do the rest!

Tip:  If you are creating a ghost offer for coaching or consulting and want to offer calendar scheduling, you can use a third-party application such as Calendly, Acuity, or another scheduling app.  Then, create a custom thank you page that is triggered after purchase (you set this up on the offer settings) which includes the embed code (custom code block) on the page.


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