Five Business Boosting Strategies You Can Do NOW


They say that time flies and that nothing stays the same, and if the last couple of weeks aren't prime indications that this is true, then I don't know what is!  Yes, things have changed...all in the span of just a couple of weeks!  Your kids are now the most un-productive co-workers ever and a day at the office means pajamas and coffee... at least for many of you.  But does that mean that business can't grow?  Heck no!  If anything, these challenges we are facing are creating MORE OPPORTUNITIES!

The "stuck at home" status is NOT a roadblock to retreat from your goals.  Instead, it may be an indication to dive in deeper, or maybe take a small detour and another path to success.

Now is the "perfect time" to start something new for your business such as:

1.  Email more often, or start emailing!

Now is the perfect time to reach out to your audience...not with more boring content about the virus...or what you are doing about it...

Connect with your list with inspiring and encouraging content related to your topic.  Give tips, strategies, and things they can do right now in relation to your niche and their problems/pains NOW.

Give VALUE in your emails from a perspective that most of your audience is hungry for knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment.  Strategize your content so that you offer value...yet doesn't give everything away either.

2.  Host a Summit or Webinar Series

I got this idea from one of my clients.  If you have a network of great influencers for your niche, consider hosting a Summit or Webinar Series.  Kajabi makes it easy to set up the registration page, event/s, email sequences, and all other elements of an effective Summit or Webinar Series.  Summits and Webinar Series are great ways to grow your list organically and to promote your services to a broader audience while adding value and boosting relevance and authority.  Let me know if you'd like more information about putting together a Summit or Webinar Series for your niche.

3.  Offer Coaching/Consulting Packages

If you don't already, now might be the perfect time to broaden your services to include 1:1 or Group Coaching/Consulting programs.  With a large percentage of the population working from home, offering deeper connections through virtual meetings is a great way to expand your business.  This is easily accomplished in Kajabi through Ghost Offers and Automations to third-party calendar scheduling embedded in your Kajabi Thank You pages.

4.  Live Videos

Now, more than ever, connecting with your audience through Live Streaming Video via platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or LinkedIn can encourage greater engagement that can drive traffic to your other offers.

Think about topics that will resonate with your niche such as frequently asked questions and create a video series or topic series.

Just be sure to be aware of the little details with live video such as lighting, sound quality, background, and angle of the camera.  And, remember to smile!

5.  Start an Ad Campaign

I've had so many questions in the last couple of days about whether or not now is a good time to be launching or promoting online programs.  I say, heck yes!  What better time to be sharing your expertise than when people are spending MORE time online and shifting to more online learning?

Depending on your niche and message, cost-per-lead numbers are lower than I've seen them in a long time.  Let me know if you'd like to schedule a time for a Marketing Strategy session for you and your business!

Just a couple of years ago, online learning was primarily the exception, but e-learning is now the norm.  Last year knowledge commerce topped the $600 billion mark and that number continues to skyrocket.

Some of the most successful companies in our nations' history have grown or been created during times of challenges or change.  Money is currency, which means it flows and never really "goes away".  Let me know if you'd like to explore ways you can be adjusting to the current environment to grow, excel, and thrive!  

Enjoy the process and stay healthy!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Building an online business has several facets including things like Branding, Copywriting, Web Design, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, and the list goes on.  

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