Using Anchor Links for Strategic Navigation to a Section of a Page

Jan 29, 2021

Follow these steps for using anchor links to strategically direct someone to a section of a page in Kajabi:

1.  For the section you want to link to, use <a name="anchor_tag_here"></a> Remember your anchor tag will be case sensitive.

2. Direct your hyperlink or CTA to URL:

Uses for anchor links are endless.

Send someone to a specific offer on a page from your blog or from an email.

Create a custom page accessible only to logged-in members, then use a CTA to direct them to a specific section on that page such as a welcome video, testimonial submission form, gamification tally, etc.

Highlight speakers in a summit, webinar, or special event you are hosting.

Promote package sales, physical products, coaching upsells, etc.

Create custom navigation menus or dropdown menus that take them to specific areas of your site.

The sky is the limit!


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