Four Hidden Gems in Encore Revealed!

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Do you want to step up your game and to grow your online business? Are you tired of using different third-party apps to implement what you need to do for your marketing and engagement? If so, look no further than Kajabi!

Kajabi is an online platform that allows business owners to handle just about everything they need for an online business – all in one convenient place!

The Birth of Encore

Recently, Kajabi launched a new page builder theme called Encore. I must admit, this theme has been super fun to play with as it offers Kajabi users many options to upgrade their pages and implement a wide variety of customization options.

While you can quickly identify the many options within the new page builder, there are several functionalities or hidden gems as I like to call them, that this new theme offers that not many users are aware of.

Let’s take a moment to dive into four hidden gems that you may not have noticed at first glimpse!

Hidden Gem #1 – Animations

Choose a block or section of your page you want to customize, scroll down, and you’ll see the section where it says “animations.”

Now, if you find yourself asking, “What does an animation do, and how does it benefit my page?”

You are not alone!

Animations give you the ability to have some movement on the page, so it catches the attention of your viewers and directs their eyes on a specific item. The word animation is synonymous with vigor and liveliness. A seemingly static object or character becomes interesting once it moves.

Animation can be super fun, especially if you are strategic on utilizing them. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to animations is that you don’t want to include too many animations on your page. Here are a few extra tips:

  • Use the animation functionality to draw attention and focus on a particular portion of your page. I would recommend using it within your call-to-action.
  • Select what type of animation you prefer – whether it’s a fade, flip, or zoom and then specify the direction, delay, and duration.

Hidden Gem #2 – Desktop View vs. Mobile View

Desktop view vs. Mobile view is something that’s not only amazing and new but is also incredibly valuable for your business.

You probably already know that many of your viewers will look at your webpage through their smartphones versus a desktop or laptop computer since it is more convenient.

Given that most people design their Kajabi website on a desktop or computer, it’s inevitable that you may create an incredible design that looks good on a desktop view but doesn’t look great on a mobile view.

Besides, Google favors mobile-friendly websites, and that’s a good thing!

To check both desktop and mobile view of your website, you’ll see an icon at the bottom corner of your page where you can switch between desktop and mobile views. What amazes me is that you can have complete control over how your website is presented both in desktop and mobile views.

As an example, you may decide that you don’t want to have all the items from the desktop view to be showing on the mobile layout. If that’s the case, don’t worry! You can simply switch to the mobile layout and hide the block you don’t want to show. You can do the same thing on the desktop view as well.

This option gives Kajabi users incredible customization capabilities to make the two views individualized.

  • Bonus Tip!

You can pause or disable the auto play option of your page’s video in the mobile view. People always carry their phones everywhere, and you don’t want the video to begin auto-playing if they are out and about, in a restaurant, or at work.

Hidden Gem #3 – Image Alt Attribute

Among all those gems mentioned in this blog, this one hidden gem is a little more hidden than the most. Aside from making your blog visually appealing, images can also play a crucial role in your SEO.

In case you aren’t familiar with what an image alt attribute is, it is a setting that you put into an image file that benefits those who may be visually impaired – it’s basically a description of what the image is.

Not only is this super handy at helping you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but if you add these image attributes, then it is helping you on your analytics, keyword strategy, and all of those other important items that go along with SEO.

As a bonus tip, be strategic in your use of image attributes. Make sure to change the file name first of your image before uploading it. Feel free to add a keyword phrase or keyword to it.

Over the years, I have found that a lot of people are not aware of the importance of these backend settings, like the image alt attribute, and what they can do in the long run for your business and website. It’s one of the reasons why this hidden gem is my favorite in Kajabi.

Hidden Gem #4 – Time Reveal

The Time Reveal option is super handy as it allows you to have content or elements of your page that are revealed on a specific timeframe.

For example, if you are putting together a webinar, training event, or something similar where you have a prerecorded video that you want to be included, you set up an event and then have the offset on so many minutes/hours/days after the event.

Now, if you do not select an event, Time Reveal will trigger based on when the page is loaded.

Let’s use a Sales page as an example. You can have a video included, and then have a block that has time offset – if your video is 5 minutes long, then you can have that offset of 4 minutes of the last minute of the video.

A section below your video block will then be revealed where the viewers can see the call to action – it’s the GRAND REVEAL!

Remember to avoid giving away information too early. You want to have time in your video to give your viewers your value proposition and share with them all of the great things you are going to provide them, including the solution to their problem that your program will solve, and do so before they see the price tag.

This feature eliminates the tendencies of the viewers to scroll down right to the price tag and decide they are not going to proceed any further due to the price. And that’s all before they even have the chance to know what your value proposition is.


These, in a nutshell, are just a few of the amazing hidden gems that are now available in the new Encore Page Builder of Kajabi.

I hope you have the opportunity to try some of these gems out for yourself, and even implement some of the animations into your pages to help give your page some life. You can even consider including some custom spacing within your page!

To learn more about customizing the spacing, and the benefits it can offer, visit my YouTube Channel for more information, guides and tips.

Final Words

Utilizing hidden gems such as the animations, desktop view vs mobile layout, image alt attribute, time reveal, etc. will not only help maximize your visibility online by building your relevance and authority through search engines like Google but also allows you to interact on a deeper level with your target audience.

Ultimately, that’s the whole purpose – to capture the interest of your audience, engage with them and encourage taking action.

What better way to do this than to create dynamic pages, have motion, include video, and have all of the elements that can actually help you drive home the value that you are offering and the transformation you can give your audience if they simply click and turn into a successful conversion. 

If you’re planning on using any of these hidden gems for the first time, or if you’ve used them previously, please feel free to comment below and let me know how you’ve utilized these gems and share your favorite gem/s.

If you are looking for more resources on Kajabi, or are interested in growing your online business, check out my website at, or visit my YouTube channel: to see our latest videos. We not only provide recommendations and assistance to help you in Kajabi itself, but also in strategy planning, mindsets, and marketing.

Until next time!

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