Making the Most Out of Covid19 Crisis: Create Your Online Courses with Kajabi Help Now!


Covid crisis has taken its toll on businesses around the world today. Will this be the next great economic depression? We hope and pray that this crisis won’t last long, but some experts speculate that the Covid crisis will extend for months. And it would take several more months or years to rebuild our economy.

Despite all of this, there’s a glimpse of hope. In the past weeks, companies and schools have learned the importance of online classes, webinars, online courses, and it made some companies still operational at some level. Online courses, webinars, etc. earned the spotlight as one of the thriving businesses regardless of whether there’s a pandemic happening or not. In fact, there’s a marked boost in sales in the online course sector, and it continues to rise. 

So how does Kajabi help you in your business and making a profit amid crisis?

#1 Online Education

According to financial experts, this might be the golden age for the online education sector. With companies and schools pulling back from meeting in person to teach a class or courses and their establishments remained closed indefinitely, online education has become more essential.

Some statistics project the online education industry to grow over 300% in the next 3-5 years!  You can find an online training program these days on just about any topic... or create one!

With Kajabi, you can provide online education by offering courses of your choice. As simple as learning basic Math for kids, or as complicated as how to code like a pro, you can make use of this precious time to build courses out of your expertise!  We all have skills that others want to learn!  And with more people home and turning online for answers to their problems, now is the perfect time to help them.

#2 Creating Digital Products (Podcasts, Webinars, Ebooks)

Kajabi makes creating digital products possible and presents it appealingly. You can create Webinars, Video Tutorials, and Ebooks. Now is the perfect time to create your digital product since most people are at home and are finding ways to learn something new rather than sitting idly in the corner of their home.

Think of whatever topic you find useful or helpful for specific target groups. You have to be clear which audiences you would like to target. If you are sharing about woodworking tutorials, for example, you can make an ebook, mini-course, or training program and target those that are middle-aged men who are interested in learning woodworking and joinery.

The sky is the limit on what you can share and who you can share it with as your target audience. 

What makes Kajabi more helpful in this is that it has features to support a positive customer experience while seamlessly integrating all aspects of the online business. 

#3 Create Skill-Oriented Courses

Skill-oriented courses are one of the most in-demand content these days. Online-based skills, mainly, are most desired since more and more people realized the importance of acquiring new skills that can make money. Skills are the new gold these days. Many people think of it as an investment which will pay off in the future.

Take copywriting as an example. Copywriting can be learned at home, and it could take seven series of lessons or so. You can make it an interactive type of course which also allows you to engage with your audience – this is beneficial for both you and your students.

Other examples of skill-oriented courses are graphic design, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, vlogging, podcasting, writing, and more! You can even add in life skills like cooking food, learning different recipes and many how-to’s. Our clients have created programs including topics such as Deer Hunting, Horse Training, Wedding Planning, Cooking, Health & Fitness, Business Coaching, Inventing, Sales, Marketing, and the list goes on!  Make sure that you give them value so that they will find it worth to buy or subscribe.

With Kajabi’s help, you can make these digital products possible. What’s more, is that they already have the built-in marketing tools which make it easier for you to market your products.

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