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Discover Google Analytics for Kajabi Businesses

Knowing and understanding your metrics is the cornerstone to making decisions in your business and supporting solid marketing strategies...that convert!  How can you know what is working, what isn't, what needs adjusting, and where opportunities are being overlooked if you don't look at the analytics?  

What you'll discover inside this virtual workshop:

  • In-depth tutorial videos that walk you through the ins and outs of Google Analytics.
  • Key strategies to get deeper insights on your pipelines/funnels to better understand the gaps...and improve them!
  • How to read and interpret the reports.
  • How adding one simple step to your email campaigns can drive higher engagement.
  • What Google Analytics is really telling you and how to use it to increase conversions.
  • BONUS:  Custom Reports specifically designed for Digital Marketing sites!

Become a Google Analtyics expert and start using this amazing tool as part of your marketing campaigns!

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