Know exactly what to do and when to do it!

Become a Kajabi Expert in no time by following the detailed and easy-to-follow customizable checklists!  

The detailed process checklists in this program include strategies, tips, how-to's and technical training to help you:

  • Save Time!
  • Reduce Frustration!
  • Eliminate Overwhelm!
  • and Create a Stunning Professional-Looking Product!

Your future customers need you!

You have a valuable message that needs to get launched to the world.  You are here because you have struggled and come out the other side with solutions and expertise that can make a difference for thousands of people who are currently struggling like you were.

That's why I created Kajabi Mentorship. When I first started with Kajabi, I wasn't that tech savvy.  I didn't know computer coding, or even all that much about how to get my course out to the world.  But I knew that my message could make a huge difference in people's lives... so I didn't let my insecurities or struggles stop me!

My first Kajabi course was about how to homestead!  And within just a few short weeks I got my Kajabi Hero award!  I can still remember the excitement and sense of satisfaction!

Now, over 5 years later, I've helped build many successful Kajabi sites and have seen first-hand how one small dream with the willingness to step out of the comfort zone, can impact others in a big way!

Kajabi Mentorship was created to help you create YOUR course with a blueprint.  Spend your time doing what your are good at, which is creating your impactful message!  Then use the carefully crafted Process Checklists to help guide you through every step of Kajabi, from setting up your account to launching your program...and everything in-between, PLUS special bonuses including tips on what to do AFTER your launch.


What others are saying:

Rebecca has an amazing work ethic that is refreshing to work with.  We had a large project and we started from scratch and she completed the project with excellence.  

We are excited to continue to work with Rebecca on future projects as well.

My experience with Rebecca Austin and her services has been extraordinary. She is prompt, articulate, knowledgeable, and up-to-date with exactly what I was looking for in relation to Internet marketing to prepare, launch and aim straight for the target I am shooting for.

I found her competence in the services she offers to be exceptional. In addition I have found her friendly, personable, easy to talk to, easy to communicate with and a pleasure to do business with.

As the owner two businesses, one of which is international, I can without reservation say that I would highly recommend Ms. Austin and am confident you'll be glad you did.

Working with Rebecca was a lifesaver. She was professional, she did twice the work in half the time, and she was always pleasant to work with. She got my Kajabi course platform up and running with very little direction. She knew exactly what to do.

Elizabeth H.


Elizabeth H.


It’s an intangible that’s hard to measure but over the last weeks my decision to partner with Strive 4 Savvy for my build out was a good one. 

It is wonderful to have such help and support on my journey.

What you'll get inside Kajabi Mentorship:

Module 1:  Getting Started

  • Overview of Kajabi and Setting Up Your Account
  • Key Settings that are often overlooked (even sometimes by the experts)
  • Setting up your Defaults to make each project easier.
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Setting Up Your Custom Domain
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 2:  Website Design

  • Setting your Home Page (handy settings not everyone uses...but should!)
  • Creating and customizing your navigation menus and strategies to help you use them more effectively.
  • Tips on Kajabi Themes (and little know secrets on how to customize without coding experience.)
  • Strategy tips to make your website work better for your business.
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 3:  Course/ Product/ Community Creation

  • Key strategies to creating a course that sells.
  • Navigating Kajabi Product dashboard for efficient creation of both outline and customization for the look you want.
  • Tips on Kajabi Themes (and how to make your course create the best impression.)
  • Content release strategies; and how to use the drip feature.
  • Setting up automations in your course.
  • Valuable "out-of-the-box" ways to use Assessments in your course.
  • Graphics tips to make your courses look amazing.
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 4:  Offers & Checkout Pages

  • Key strategies to creating offers that convert
  • Tips on pricing your product
  • How to set up membership offers and key steps to get them to stick.
  • Guarantee or no guarantee? 
  • Guidelines on payment plans, free trials, and other payment features inside Kajabi.
  • How to set up custom fields for new members (collecting extra data that helps you serve them.)
  • Top strategies for adding up-sell offers and how to set them up.
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 5:  Sales Pages, Landing Pages, & Customized Pages

  • Key elements every sales page should have (some which you're most likely overlooking).
  • Time saving tips when creating your Pages.
  • Overview of page elements and how to use them effectively in your business.
  • Valuable Customized Pages that can help you grow your business and impress your members.
  • How to create stunning graphics for your pages that work perfectly and represent your brand.
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 6:  Email Sequences & Broadcasts

  • Important strategies when crafting your email sequence copy.
  • Tips on integrating with third-party email and contact management software.
  • Key elements to include to get new members to "opt-in' so they receive your emails.
  • Important compliance considerations on privacy and email regulations.
  • Steps to customizing your automated emails.
  • Top marketing strategies to improve open rates on your communications.
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 7:  Pipelines & Marketing Funnels

  • How to use the pipeline feature inside Kajabi.
  • Elements to add to every pipeline.
  • Key strategies to include with your pipeline creation and implementation.
  • Tips on setting up Events, Webinars, and making them "Evergreen".
  • Important strategies when crafting your opt-in and "irresistible offer"/"lead magnet".
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 8:  Toolbox

This module goes into more detail about some of the tools you have at your disposal inside Kajabi such as:

  • Automatons and strategies on how to use them.
  • Third Party Integrations and key options you may not want to go without.
  • Affiliate Marketing and tips on how to establish affiliate relationships, create affiliate links, and use affiliate options effectively.
  • Customizable Process Checklist for all sections covered in this module.
  • and lots more!

Module 9:  Kajabi Updates

As you may have already realized, Kajabi is amazing and is constantly updating with new features added all the time.  This module is reserved to share new features and updates as they become available so you will always be up-to-date and a Kajabi Expert.

Launching your Kajabi Product
is as simple as 1 ... 2... 3!

But that's not all! Check out these amazing BONUSES!

Bonus #1:  "Traffic, Leads, Conversions" Mini-Course

Learn key strategies behind the TLC funnel to turn curious by-standers into raving fans!

$197 value:  INCLUDED

Bonus #2:  "Create Stunning Graphics without Hiring a Designer" Mini-Course

Make your course stand out with professional-looking graphics and images that represent your brand without having to hire a graphic designer.  

$297 value: INCLUDED

Bonus # 3:  "How I Use ManyChat in my Business" Mini-Course

Messenger Marketing is becoming a huge trend in the industry.  This bonus mini-course goes over the basics of ManyChat and offers some ideas on how to incorporate it into your Kajabi programs.

$297 value:  INCLUDED

Bonus # 4:  Making Professional Quality Videos Mini-Course with Adrian Salisbury

Learn the 3 key elements of a professional quality video, that you can easily do yourself, from home, without hiring a film crew!  Includes Adrian's top recommended equipment list!

$197 value:  INCLUDED

So how much does Kajabi Mentorship cost?

...and how much is it costing you in the learning curve
of trying to figure it out by yourself?

The mistake many people make is they think the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper.  And that may be true to some extent.  But what they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.

Or worse...

...the costs associated with every mistake that costs you potential sales, time lost, and emotional stress.

So next, people just say, "Okay, can you do it for me?"

Which is possible!  You can hire us to help you create your programs... for $50 - $150/hour... and I'm happy to set up a consultation!

Inside the Kajabi Mentorship, you get to take advantage of all my years of experience without the risk and without the costs!  The results?  You become a MASTER yourself!

This is your chance to learn from me so you can skyrocket your learning curve in little time.

And you can master my ENTIRE Kajabi Mentorship for as little as $497!

Plus, I have a 7-Day, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee!

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