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Two common misconceptions I see in the Online Knowledge Commerce Realm are:

"if you build it they will come", and

"you just need to build a list".

The reality is a bit different, and requires some key strategies that you implement on a consistent basis to build a thriving online business. Just having a website, doesn't mean you'll be an overnight success. Yes, the potential is often mind-blowing! Yet at the same time, you will want to consider implementing some strategies to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your site, and then CONVERT THEM.

 Traffic will arrive on your site by one of two ways, Paid Ads and Organic Traffic.

Inbound Marketing Strategies to help you grow your business organically.

Paid ad campaigns are another topic, and something we can also help you with through our friends at Secure Agent Marketing. If you're interested in also exploring our paid ad packages, let me know and I can set up a discovery call. Organic Traffic comes from non-paid sources and includes your Social Media posts, Blog articles, Email Campaigns, and Google or other search engines sending people to your site (SEO).

 The goal of content marketing, is to create strategic articles and other content that focuses on specific keywords that resonate with your target audience, then build "Relevance" and "Authority" so that you rank higher in search engines. The benefit to allocating a portion of your marketing budget to Inbound Marketing, is that once established to a certain point, you'll see consistent traffic regardless of whether you continue to add new content consistently.

Content Marketing focuses on building value, educating your audience, building trust, and elevating your "expert" status. Just writing a Blog article isn't enough. Articles need to be set up strategically to maximize their effectiveness on attracting, driving, and converting traffic.

To help you with your Content/Inbound Marketing Strategies, we offer three basic packages from which you can choose, and can customize your package depending upon your specific needs or goals.

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